Direct mail design

This box packaging holds many aspects of inspiration, these include the utilisation of combination between convenient package shape and effective surface graphics of seamless print to produce an eye-catching and perspective theme, the customisation feature of 'to' & 'from' suitable for the purpose of gifting commonly carried out with fragrances and the internal cut out which carefully houses the product itself securely within. The shape of the packaging is small and effective for-

30 Amazing Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Design

41 30 Amazing Examples Of Eye Popping Packaging Design. I love the nostalgia of the mixed tape with the USB drive

short-fold tri-fold direct mail piece on felt paper

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Mailer for brand launch. done in black soft touch but each fold out represents another part of out brand.

Direct marketing: a type of advertising directed to a targeted group of prospects and customers rather than to a mass audience.

BMW Advertising - 宝马寒冷天气轮胎宣传册 >>样本手册>>顶尖创意>>顶尖设计 Calgary Marketing agency

Although the inside layout is quite static and plain as their common layouts, the interactive cover intrigues the viewer to open the packager to see what's inside. The illustration used is very bold and eye-catching.

Unique Direct Mail Packaging & Print Project - Cardmasters

Direct Mail cons: can have outdated customer lists, low response, image= junk; spam blockers (email), and it can be costly

Throughout their first year of marriage the newly-weds will receive a specifically tailored, beautifully wrapped gift in the post each month. Welcome them home from their honeymoon with a year’s gift subscription – the perfect antidote to their back to reality blues – and come their first anniversary, we’ll have that box ticked too!

Whether it's for the Newly-Weds or the Bridesmaid or Ushers, find a beautiful & unique gift.

Elegant folding brochure that slowly reveals itself to you promoting HelloVon by Six

Brochures are an important and useful marketing tool, a well designed Brochures can make the difference when attracting new clients. In this post we collected 25 Creative Brochure Designs For Inspi…

National History Museum - Studio Sutherl& (Sutherland) have created these rather nice interactive posters for the National History Museum.

Interactive is so fun(: Original Post & Source: National History Museum - Studio Sutherl& (Sutherland) have created these rather nice interactive posters for the National History Museum.

S & Team - Wine - Direct Mail

This direct mail piece gives a visual example of what should happen to a glass of wine when it& put in front of you! Neat idea for a wine bottling company or a reseller.