How I embarked on making a felt Dinosaur Play Mat with not much sewing experience... Thinking of doing the same? Read this first.

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Have a hand puppet party with Arlo and Spot from Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur on Blu-ray & Digital Feb 23. 1. Print out the template, cut out the square, then fold it in half vertically 2. Open it back up and fold it horizontally making sure to really crease the paper 3. Turn the image face down, then fold in the corners until they meet in the middle 4. Flip it over so the eyes face the table and fold in all of the corners again 5. Put your fingers into the open flaps and form it into…

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Dinosaur Finger Puppets Felt Quiet Busy Book Page Travel Set School Felt Board comes w 6 finger puppets and optional Volcano Bag Game Kid by cabincraftycreations on Etsy

A fantastic use of movement of the puppeteer. Imagine if they were wearing black and the group was performing at night...

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Dinosaur Archaeology: Cloud Dough Sensory - use two simple ingredients and a few dinosaurs to make an archaeological dig for your toddler and preschoolers; taste safe sensory

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Tutorial: How to pattern foam puppets.I may need to know this someday and this guy is very detailed.

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