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After-dinner mints

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Fondant filled chocolates

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Last Friday Balazs and I headed over to friends for dinner. It’s a lovely couple who over the years perfected the art of curry making, s...

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Fondant filled chocolates

Create some of your chocolate box favourites at home – strawberry and orange creams and delicious after dinner mints.

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After Eight dessert boxes! Just past them together with a little bit of melted chocolat

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Pea, mint & spring onion soup with Parmesan biscuits

Pea, mint & spring onion soup with Parmesan biscuits. The Parmesan 'tuiles' make this soup stylish enough for entertaining - but they take just a few minutes to make!

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After Eight Ice Cream Shots

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Moroccan spiced mince with couscous

Moroccan spiced mince with couscous Adding dried fruit, fresh mint and warm spices to savoury dishes is typical of North African cooking. Quorn replaces meat in this recipe

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Moroccan salad bowl with preserved lemons

Moroccan Bowls with Preserved Lemons // couscous or quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, courgette, aubergine, black olives, fresh mint, pomegranate, garlic, olive oil, chilli powder, cumin, sweet paprika, lemons, lemon juice, sugar

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Low Syn Mint Chocolate Mousse - Slimming World - Dessert - Slimming World Pudding - Pudding -

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English Garden Cocktail - 2 shots of Gin ( or more if in need of something stronger) - 2.5 shots of Apple Juice - 1.5 shots of Elderflower Cordial - A squeeze of Lime and a slice of Cucumber - Stir well and then serve overice

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School Dinners - Jam and Coconut Sponge Cake - yum. The puds were always so much better than the dinners

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Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Mint, Chilli and Smoked Garlic

Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Mint, Chilli and Smoked Garlic from Shelina Permalloo's The Sunshine Diet cookbook.

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English Sunday Roast Dinner: Roast Meat (see below), Roast Potatoes, Vegetables (typically carrots, peas, and/or broccoli), Gravy, and then... Beef is served with Horseradish Sauce & Yorkshire Pudding; Pork is served with Apple Sauce & Crackling; Lamb is served with Mint Sauce; Chicken is served with Bread Sauce & Stuffing; Turkey is served with Cranberry Sauce & Stuffing

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Pea and mint soup

This soup is as easy as it gets and tastes wonderful when served with crisp Parma ham or bacon.

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Sweet Potato Soup with Pistachio, Orange and Mint Pesto

This sweet potato soup with pistachio, orange and mint pesto from Soupologie provides a wonderful harmony of contrasting flavours. It is deliciously sweet, thanks mainly to the roasted sweet potato, which is complemented beautifully by the Middle-Eastern-inspired ‘pesto’. Healthwise, this soup is packed with vitamins and the pistachios are both a source of fibre and full of ‘good fats’ that help to give you a lasting full feeling.

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5 Ingredient Pea and Mint Soup

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