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24 Ice Cream Sodas That Will Float Your Boat

Those old school soda fountains your parents talk about? Well, they're coming back in a tasty retro revival! But if you don't have one nearby, there's no need to panic—you can be your own soda jerk and make these fizzy, creamy cool down drinks right at home. That's right: All you need for these deliciously sweet recipes is a scoop or two of ice cream, some soda... and maybe some booze. Next thing to master: Old school diner talk!

The Greyhound Inn Dorset | Country Pub & Restaurant with Accommodation In Sydling St Nicholas, Dorchester, England

from The Sun

McDonald’s trials a ‘walk-thru’ for weekend party animals who are too drunk to drive

FAST food giants McDonald’s is trialling a “walk-thru” – for weekend revellers who have drunk too much to drive. An outlet in Llandudno, North Wales, has opened a lane for pedestrians to serve hungry diners leaving a nearby nightclub in the early hours. Between the hours of 2.30 and 4am, customers will be able to walk through a separate lane and order meals.


Belane Magazine. This photo has a very classy and retro feel, I like the doll-like stature of the model and the clothes she's wearing look very delicate and vintage.