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13 Parts Of Your Body You Didn't Know Had Names

Dimples of Venus: the notches in your lower back. | 13 Parts Of Your Body You Didn't Know Had Names

The Surprising Benefits Of Having 'Venus Dimples'

Whether you have back dimples, or not, you have to admit that they are quite an interesting characteristic. These back dimples are also called the 'dimples of Venus', and are more commonly found on women. Theses dimples of Venus, officially named Lateral Lumbar indentations, are caused by ligaments pulling under the skin of your back and creating indentations. One of the most intriguing things about this trait is that it can reveal certain things about your health and even yourself. In…


Back dimples are one interesting characteristic that is commonly found in women. They are also known as the “dimples of Venus” and the main...


‘Dimples of Venus’ and The Roman goddess of Beauty — THE LONDON PRESS

A sitting woman with dimples of Venus. Two arrows are pointing at both dimples…


The Libra Child - Oh, Hay! Today I told you about such a welcome face child which have two beautiful dimples – who is this? – It is you “the Libra child”. They have a too much friendly face that you can imagine you spend hours looking at them. After all Libra child is a Venus child, full of charm and b... by Amber Shafi on Wear and Cheer - Fashion, Lifestyle, Cooking and Celebrities - Visit Now