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Shape monsters---can incorporate shapes, vertices and adjectives all in one. Have the kids create their shape monster then describe it using math vocabulary and afjectives


TEKS: 2.8A Audience: Second grade Behavior: identify the edges, faces, and vertices Condition: on given shapes their teacher hands out for them to color. This is a great visual for students to learn the different attributes of each shape.


1.6A Audience: First Grade. Behavior: Classify 2-dimensional shapes using informal geometric language. Condition: Ancho Chart. I would introduce some familiar 2D shapes and ask the students to identify how many sides and vertices using an anchor chart.


#MetatronsCube Inside Metatron's cube you can find every sacred geometrical shape existing in the universe, these three-dimensional shapes appear throughout all creation. They can be found hidden in plain sight, in all that is, from nature to crystals to human DNA.