batwynn: “ Someone asked how I do the glowy thing, soooo, here’s some how to do the glowy thing in Manga Studio. :3 For more tutorials, please check out my Patreon to help keep me funded. ”

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deviantART Shop Framed Wall Art Prints & Canvas | Digital Art | Drawings & Paintings | yang aura by artist *Apofiss

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Elina - Monochromatic digital painting. A woman is painted in black and white colors, looking far away with disheveled hair and humble clothing.

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How to paint a female face | Digital art | Creative Bloq Charlie Bowater shows you how to render a beautiful female face using Photoshop.

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Digital art illustration; character design // The best way to use Instagram on the web and iPad | Pictacular

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One With Nature - digital art by ©Nisachar (via deviantART) ~ Reminds me (LoveHopes) of Living Waters ...

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lips walkthrough by *Selenada on deviantART via
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