Digimon Adventure: Then and Now

I don't even watch Digimon, but I thought this was cool. The ad and the new eps.

Digimon Adventure. The art is beautiful. & Gatomon in the top right :o She's cuute.!

Crunchyroll - Fan Artists Celebrate Anniversary of "Digimon Adventure"

Digimon Adventure by =Tai-Rayana on deviantART

-edited- Let me explain the crests: in my country (Portugal) Mimi has the crest of Innocence and Jou has Sincerity (Adventure) and Loyalty (Zero Two).

Digimon Adventure by Pixiv Id 13324948 http://www.zerochan.net/Pixiv+Id+13324948

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This Could Be Us, but your Both Two Busy to Even Show Sorry. Maybe because Publicly and Implicitly your Still In Denial, yet Explicitly and Privately, I'm sure You're being Honest? #SuicidePreventationSquadUnite #JoinDaTeam

Digimon 02 - aka the show I had issues with but ultimately loved

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Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai Review