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heroin encephalopathy diffusion mri -etiology. For restricted diffusion due to spongiform matrix along with CID and ms and da shearing

Scientists Fingerprint the Brain The brains structural connections are unique to an individual a new imaging technique reveals. Every brain is unique and scientists now have the means to pin down precisely how unique. Disease environment and genetic factors all influence the pattern of connections between neurons called the local connectome. A new imaging technique quantifies differences between the local connectomes of individual brains allowing researchers to identify a brain by its…

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Inside the Brain: A Photo Journey Through Time

A brain-imaging method called diffusion MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is relatively new to the field of neuroscience, though it shows promise as a diagnostic tool. Here, an image taken from the brain of a patient who suffered a stroke in the thalamus and midbrain, resulting in damage to certain axons (some are visible at the bottom of the image).

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Diffusion MRI PDF

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