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Understanding the differences between the different kinds of #aphasia[s]! #SLPeeps #SLTchat


What size ‘ukulele you play means a lot visually and sonically, but almost nothing when it comes to actually playing music (except for your familiarity with the feel of the size). Different strokes for different folks. It’s a matter of personal preference what sized uke you decide to call your own.

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20 Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Magazine Covers


A collection of tracks left by subatomic particles in a bubble chamber. A bubble chamber is a container filled with liquid hydrogen which is superheated - momentarily raised above its normal boiling point by a sudden drop in pressure in the container. Any charged particle passing through the liquid in this state leaves behind a trail of tiny bubbles as the liquid boils in its wake. These bubbles are seen as fine tracks, showing the characteristic paths of different types of particles.


Difference between ischemic stroke & hemorrhagic stroke in a simpler manner.. Ischemic stroke is caused by an obstructed vessel, leading to hypoxia of the brain. Hemorrhage stroke is caused by a weakened vessel that ruptures, resulting in excessive bleeding of the brain.