.This piece is very different, but still inspirational in the fact that having something missing of the woman but then through her face showing how she really feels, like a fear inside her head. This has given me an idea to use my text and word this way, where the missing part of the person is the words come out to say how that person is really feeling. #hiddenthoughts

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WATCH ME PAINT...mandala painting and drawing tutorial that you can use for painting rocks..step by step written instructions!

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Shut up and give me that typewriter. This reminds me to evluate georgia O'Keeffe plain landscapes. And further analyse your own by taking a picture of a fire, keeping the original copy, edit it to make it blurred, experiment with different hues and then create your own picture of that using different media. (OR THE SAME WITH WATER!)

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Creating texture with different types of cross hatching/stippling using the same object. like this as an assignment

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NADIA: In this example, the designer has made use of biro ink to sketch 6 different types of pens. Then using those specific pens sketched, they have written text alongside each one. It is evident from the various thickness of the handwriting which ink belongs to which pen. The whole idea behind this image was to answer a question the designer is asked most, that is, "What pens do you use?"

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Mark Making Artist is very controlled and instead of having a mean to the drawing it seems like it was to explore different type of mark and how it can feel depending on the technique

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