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Keeping with Tradition – 29 Beautiful Traditional Drawings and Paintings

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PRINT: Tea Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book is my favourite past time because it relaxes me and I can get lost in a completely different world for hours. If I am feeling stressed, unwell, upset or not myself in any way, reading and drinking tea help me to feel more positive and comfortable. My love of tea and books is shared with my brother, which gives it another deeper meaning to me because we can share books and types of tea.

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Interesting use of colours in this drawing. Water colours are great when blending many different shades together without it looking muddy.

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Alignment: I think this poster of the different colored dragons from role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder demonstrates alignment well. The text lines up such that it is easy to see to which dragon it belongs and is kept to the outside edge of the poster, while the dragons themselves take center stage (as it should be). Also, the left side is made up of the metallic or good dragons and the right side are the chromatic or evil dragons.

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A little pic describing different kinds of composition that are worth noting as they leave some sense of how to use an objects placement to create balance in a work.

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Bits of art found around the interweb (30 photos)

Mark Making Artist is very controlled and instead of having a mean to the drawing it seems like it was to explore different type of mark and how it can feel depending on the technique

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