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This is a great representation of all the fun you can have with different kinds of furniture. I love seeing great big chests being used as tables and for decoration, giving, to me anyway, a nautical feel.

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Shanghai (上海)

Different kinds of coffee. For more info please contact: The best Mandarin School in China

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I'd add a big kick of color somewhere, like right in the middle of the artwork, or a vibrant throw pillow....but love this.

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Because what would be a cosy work day without a good cuppa tea / coffee? And the right kind of mug makes all the difference...

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Made by an English artisan, our selection of fruits are turned and finished entirely by hand and protected with a natural wax polish. The stems are made from African Ebony and the fruitwood is sourced ethically from all over the world. A handsome edition for display on a desk, bookshelf or coffee table. Please call us if you have a preference for a particular wood.

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Opinions can harm. Use yours wisely

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How to Say "Coffee" in 71 Languages

IT'S #COFFEE, multilingual goodness. make sure you know what coffee is in every language... #ClusterExpo #Expo2015 Caffè

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Homemade Kahlua This looks like a much more extensive version of what we used to make back in 1970 with vodka and instant coffee.

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