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6 Different Eyebrow Shapes Change Your Face - Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, ON

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What do your Eyebrows Shape say about You

The art of reading faces has been around for thousands of years – the first written account of the practice was found in China, and dated to approximately 2600BCE. Although an expert in the art can judge many aspects of a person’s character, those who are not as experienced in the art can still derive …==

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How to Shape Eyebrows Basics and Different Methods

It's time for the Fibre Brow Enhancer. "At a friend’s house today waiting for her to get ready. Watching her put make up on I enquired about her brow makeup. She let me try hers. I’m sold. Must have it. So natural and great staying power."

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What Your Brows Say About You

There are many different types of brow shapes and this guide will help you find out what your brows are saying about you.

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19 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Concealer

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