(Open RP. Someone be the boy. Powers please). I brush my blond bangs over my brown eye hiding it from sight. I always kept that eye hidden from sight so I would get teased about it. If they knew more about me they would have so much more to make fun of. I walked into an alleyway and transformed into a cat. I started walking to school in my new form when I saw a boy around my age, eighteen, staring at me. My eyes widen wondering if he saw me. (Credit @geekygirl8)

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#DontItMakeBrownEyesBlue #CrystalGayle xoXOxo <(*^*)> http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b9abb733b

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(Omega) Hello!! I'm jessy! .... Umm ... There's not much about me so yeah ... Bye! -runs off- | Pb: Death The Girl (Shelipliar)

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Female character writing inspiration - Brunette / Straight hair / Different coloured eyes / Heterochromia / Dog

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A genetics coupling causes many (but not all) white cats with blue eyes to be deaf. White cats with "odd eyes," i.e. one blue eye and one green, hazel, or golden eye, are sometimes deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye.

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26 Unusual and Amazingly Cute Animals With Different Colored Eyes That Will Melt…

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