Did you know . . . AWESOME!  (And I knew about half of them...)

Did you know? Strawberries dried in the oven taste like candy but are healthy and natural. 3 hours at 210 degrees. Might be better than twizzlers.

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Did you know? Interesting, I had no clue! :O we've been lied to our whole lives

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Did you know. ^^ I heard it was the representation of snakes (Oroboros, to be exact). Or the oncoming of doom. I've heard both.

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This is a Cat's LAST Warning! Stop, allow it to flee, or incur it's Wrath... (You will BLEED!) WTF! found out the hard way facts

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uberknitter - There’s a grammar rule that native English speakers follow without even realizing it. When describing something in detail,...

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