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Did The Broncos Win

What Color Is Your Inner Fire?

Here the different colours of the wolves represent the contrasting characters of hamlet and Horatio. Hamlet is bawdy, a leader and quick to react, whereas Horatio is a follower, thinker and quiet. the wolves also show pack mentality, which relates to the way that Hamlet and Horatio always have a plan together and are mostly together.

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Pop quiz: Which teams did the Broncos beat to win their first two Super Bowls?

Denver Broncos win 24 - 6 against Oakland Raiders game recap |

Colts rally in 1st to take 10-7 lead over Broncos - NFL - hold out to win over broncos 33-39

That's it, what a weird season, Broncos go out swinging! Kubiak retires.... Wow Broncos over the Raiders 24-6, 2016. 9wins, 7 losses.