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Dialect Tea Towel

Scottish More

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Yorkshire Quote Poster III

At Covance, our volunteers are paid from £100 per day for their time. How very Yorkshire!

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Welsh Words - I think of "ach-a-fi" as more of an exasperated sigh.

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Baked Parmesan Polenta Fries

In Naples triangles of fried polenta are called scagnuozzi (I hope I haven’t misspelled it – although I was born in Naples, I do not know the dialect very well!). These scagnuozzi (meaning “henchmen”) are yummy treats that every pizzeria sells as a street food fix or appetizer/entree for the Neapolitan pizza. That said, these are not the Neapolitan scagnuozzi but my healthified version of them. I oven baked polenta to save lots of frying oil and – above all – many many KCals. Since baked…

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atticism: concise and elegant expression, diction, or the like. the style or idiom of Attic Greek occurring in another dialect or language. attachment to Athens or to the style, customs, etc., of the Athenians.

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I did not know there was a word for what I have!

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I would get these in random places by my other tattoos

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British English Slang - I've got a couple of additions to this one:'Dog's dinner' commonly means 'a mess', something that's gone wrong, rather than 'dressed nicely'. There's also a common extension to the 'going to bed' phrase, where you say: "I'm climbing the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

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Nikita Gill #poetry

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