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Has anybody else felt like they could relate to home even though they know they can't? It's the way he speaks, so penetrating.


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Dexter collected blood samples of his victims and this is where he hid them.but they never dripped blood .

One of my favorite Dexter quotes

One of my favorite Dexter quotes.Normal people are so hostile, so true Dex :)

For whatever reason, I am addicted to watching this show about a serial killer. #dexterlove

Dexter - Season 6 - Cast Promotional Photo HQ - Michael C Hall - Dexter Photo - Fanpop


Dexter commission - watercolor, ink, and color pencil Dexter


Dexter Mild-mannered Dexter Morgan works for the police department as a blood-splatter analyst -- and moonlights as a vigilante murderer who only targets other killers, a moral code instilled in him by his adoptive father.

Dexter Infograph -- Im only on season 6 so im very thankful you have to 'expand the pin' to see the whole thing so just a warning SPOILER ALERT

Dexter Dead Count Season by Season (Spoiler if you haven't seen the show)

Dexter Wallpaper: Dexter Morgan

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Dexter Morgan for fans of Dexter images.