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Need I say... broad chest? sturdy legs? huge ears? prominent whisker pads? He is going to be a lady killer. If he is a he lol. Couldn't find info on this kitten.

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What a cutie!!!!......WHAT SAY??......WILL YOU REPEAT THAT, PLEASE......DINNER'S SERVED "WHEN"??......ccp

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How much does a Devon Rex Kitten Cost? Click the picture to read

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My dream cat! The Devon Rex. Just got my Devon Rex kitten! Couldn't be happier I'm glad I was prepared for the personality and climbing, or I might have been rather surprised when I brought her home lol

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Gizzie, Devon Rex girl. Cats and Kittens. Cats and Kittens >

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The cutest devon rex kitten ever! Pinning this to show my husband the one & ONLY one exception lol

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