jason vorheess artwork | Jason Voorhees Mask Tattoo by ~artisticrender on deviantART

Che he he, ha ha ha (gonna stab you) My Jason Voorhees mask tattoo idea. I used to have the mask and machete cross as my Black Ops logo so this kind of .

fantasy yin yang | Yin-Yang City 2 by Dudemansam

Yin-Yang: A sun/moon taijitsu composition titled: "Yin-Yang City by Dudemansam

Fairy+Drawings | Flying fairy by ~0Marietje0 on deviantART

Drawn a long time ago and did't have enough patience for detail (especially wings) Flying fairy

Lizard Tribal-Tattoo by Dragonfruit93.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is a lizard tattoo for my mums car ^____^ awww im so excited jeah.or do u wanna have a mum-tattoo on your arm or somewhere else?

Dragon Lord Celtic by ~TheLob on deviantART

Dragon color page fantasy medieval coloring pages Dragon Lord Celtic by ~TheLob on deviantART

Mantras. by ~dogyjoe on deviantART

The first three Mantras are the words or phrases that endow one with the power of reflection, (i. produce one pointed concentration of the mind) and when chanted they eliminate all kinds of fear and provide all-round protection.