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toy ideas for kids with autism or developmental delays (recommended by BSC)

50 awesomely affordable toy suggestions for kids who have autism, intellectual disability or other developmental delays. List was put together by a Special Education Teacher and BSC/BCBA.

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What You Need to Know About Developmental Delays

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What No One Told Me: Parenting a child with Developmental Delays

What No One Told Me: Parenting a Child with Developmental Delays. As a parent of a special needs child we talk about so many things. But these are the things no one prepared me for.

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Helping a Child with a Developmental Delay in a Regular Ed Class

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Helping Your Child's Speech and Language

Helping Your Child's Speech and Language, Tips for Talking, Child development, Speech delays, Speech Therapy, SALT, SLP, Toddler talk, baby talk

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