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<3 two hearts that understand each other in silence is much better than thousand words. People who love their freedom needs it as a gesture of respect, clinging lovey dovey is surely a relationship killer for these people, we are the same.

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Daniel Gillies

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Beyoncé sans fard

"Beyonce The Gentlewoman, Spring/Summer 2013" You can tell that this photographer had a strong eye to see how the photograph would look in black and white. Its not an easy skill to have. I love this photograph because Beyonce looks natural and happy. Whilst her persona is a strong fearless and powerful women. But in this photograph you see a different side to her, a gentle and free spirited woman. By Hannah Wilson


Preikestolen Pulpit Rock is a massive cliff in Norway that towers 604 meters (1982 feet) in near vertical drop over the ocean

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THE PABLO NERUDA: Typewriter quote on 5x7 cardstock


The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan, is a national monument representing the nation's four provinces and three territories. []


Hathor - love, beauty, music, motherhood, joy; depicted as "Mistress of the West" welcoming the dead into the next life. also; goddess of music, dance, foreign lands, fertility, helped women in childbirth, patron goddess of miners, Early Egyptian mythology she was known as Horus ' mother (later Isis assumed this role). her name, "Hathor" meaning "House of Horus"; woman with the head of a cow, or as a woman who wears the stylized cow-horns which hold in them the solar disk.


Real(Mislabeled) - This is not a picture of the 1833 Perseid Meteor Shower. - This is a famous depiction(cropped from the original) of the 1833 Leonid Meteor Storm, produced in 1889 for the Seventh-day Adventist book Bible Readings for the Home Circle