Dude! I don't . . Well I kinda ship Denstiel, but this literally almost made me spit across the table.

Well I kinda ship Destiel, but this literally almost made me spit across the table.

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He thought he would die this night and decided to spend his last time on earth besides Cas.

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not to storm on the destiel parade, but there is nothing uncommon about "good morning sunshine" he's said it to sam multiple times, too. I'm sure with them all living in the bunker they hear it twice a day.or more depending on who is with them.

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The writers just need to add in one kiss in the script, cut it, then "leak it". I would settle for that. Us Destiel shippers don't need much to survive on:-)

I'm still curious as to how, when why, what with his entire marriage with the woman. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG HE KNEW HER FOR BEFORE HE MARRIED HER? WHY? I MEAN SERIOUSLY

Sometimes I feel like the fandom blows stuff up, but literally. This is not a "weirded out" face. This is definitely a "oh my god i haven't seen you in so long but you're so different now god what happened to you what happened to us" face.

Oh my freaking gosh XD

Oh my freaking gosh XD ^^^i am all for Dom! Everytime I read Destiel fanfics Cas is always dominant

#supernatural, #spn, #destiel, #tumblr

#supernatural, #spn, #destiel, #tumblr