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These Powerful Photos Show The Dangers of Judging Girls By Their Clothes

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An ant appears to be trying to roll a perfectly spherical droplet of water back to its nest. Photographer Rakesh Rocky from Warangal, India

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Top 100 Marketing Trends in April

Don’t Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes: A brilliant ad campaign created for Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss human rights organization focusing on gender equality and feminism, reminds us that the worth of a woman should never be measured by something like the neckline of her blouse or height of her heels.

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The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list

It is really amazing how designer Peter Mendelsund manages to present the themes of Kafka's model just by creating this simple shapes and just a few colors. The minimalistic style of this cover is part of a series he created of Kafka's novels.

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This is a charging board! It is a simple way to charge up and cleanse your crystals without having to focus on visualisation. Simply put your crystal in the center of a piece of paper, and write around it two categories of words: the things you want to fill your crystal with, and the things you want out of them. Then draw arrows pointing into the crystal for the positives, and away from it for the negatives. This is a visual way to charge/cleanse without having to maintain focus.

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