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How to Work Out Your Depth of Field

How to Work Out Your Depth of Field - How much area is in focus in your images! Easy to understand guide to using a Depth of Field calculator! Click through to read!


This is an example of depth-of-field. This photo probably has a wider aperture causing the barb wires to have a shorter depth-of-field, thus the reason for the soft look around the photo.


HOW DEPTH OF FIELD WORKS: The depth of field does not abruptly change from sharp to unsharp, but instead occurs as a gradual transition.

Depth of Field Calculator

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HOW APERTURE WORKS: When an object is in focus, light rays originating from that point converge at a point on the camera's sensor. If the light rays hit the sensor at slightly different locations (arriving at a disc instead of a point), then this object will be rendered as out of focus -- and increasingly so depending on how far apart the light rays are. The lens with the larger aperture therefore has a smaller distance range over which objects reaching the sensor will remain in focus.