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To everyone, not just myself, my friends and family, you are good enough for not just me but life, everyone, everything. Please don't change a thing about you, you are enough.

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The battle between logic and feelings, too many thoughts circling around your brain. You want to stop thinking but you can't. You want to believe that there is a solution but you can't. That downward spiral of negative thinking takes over you and you continue to drown in a wave of disaster. Nothing can make you feel better, what can you do? What do you do? I just don't know anymore....

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Life with Depression
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Danny Baker on

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Road to Recovery following Knee Replacement

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Manic-depressive now referred to as bi-polar, this pin tells the depression side of bi-polar very well. B•J•W smart watches -

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I knew my little brother suffered from depression for years but I never thought it would take him to such depths that he would actually take his own life. I should have heard it in his voice I should have seen it in his eyes and I should have seen it in his poetry that he wrote to me. I will miss his smile and his cute button nose for the rest of my life #TheSunShinesBrighterBecauseHeWasHere ❤

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