Please tell me it stops I'm struggling so bad everything feels so wrong I've never felt lost like this lost to the point I struggle to see who I am anymore I'm sick of things happening and the first person I wanna tell I can't

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because it seems you can't trust a soul anymore...juicy gossip is way more interesting than being a loyal friend or family member.

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avaMagz: The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke The girl who seemed strong, crumbled The girl who always smiled, cried The girl who never gave up, quit trying Finally, she dropped her fake smile and whispered: I can't do this anymore

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This is really hard to describe...the feeling becomes real. More real than being happy. You become addicted to the low because the high only means you'll come crashing down soon enough.

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my heart's always okay to admit someone broke your heart but it is never okay to allow them to make you a victim, we are stronger than we realize

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