Denzel Washington : "It’s very unfortunate in this accelerated society and business that a lot of young kids don’t get a chance to develop. They have the look or whatever and they’re 20 years old and boom, they’re big stars and they never really learned how to act. The actors I respect are all from the theater. Viola Davis, Meryl Streep, they’re both from the theater, you know?"

Denzel Washington will be honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his contributions to the film industry.

90's Club Kid

90's Club Kid

Denzel Washington and my Abercrombie & Fitch Kid -- My kid is in a movie with Denzel Washington, and, wait for it, I got the T-Shirt.

Denzel Washington (Remember the Titans)- 2001 winner for Outstanding Actor. Washington also took home an Image award for his performance.

Denzel Washington’s Son, John David, Steals The Limelight At Golden Globes

awesome Denzel Washington’s Son, John David, Steals The Limelight At Golden Globes

Probably One Of The Best Actors On The Planet, Right Here.. In My Opinion


The Most Handsome Black TV and Film Actors.And he is certainly one of them!

A Hand to Guide Me by Denzel Washington,

Read about the 2013 Oscar nominee for his lead role in Flight, Denzel Washington, in his own words. In his debut as an author, Denzel Washington shares his personal story of the mentors who helped guide his life.

Denzel Washington (1954- )

Denzel Washington – Denzel Washington won his first Oscar in 1990 for the movie “Glory” and, in won the Oscar for Best Actor for “Training Day.” Washington has become one of the most famous African American Hollywood actors ever over his career.