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Our dental insurance series continues! Now that you know the basics—thanks to our Dental Insurance 101 Infographic—you’re ready to dive deeper into the dental coverage world.

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No Dental Insurance? No Problem: Here’s How I Saved 67% on Dental Care

Don’t have dental insurance? These discount plans could be a great option to help you save significantly at the dentist. If you’re self-employed, you’re going to want to check out these options for affordable dental care.

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From Superheroes on

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What does my dental insurance cover?

A major problem occurring in the dental field would be the lack of dental insurance people have in the United States. People without it must go through a lot to obtain any type of dental care.

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Seeking treatment at the first signs of infected gums means surgery can often be avoided. There are nonsurgical options that are proven to work painlessly and effectively to return the gums to a healthy state. If you wait until the problem is severe, surgery may be the only solution. Most dental insurance plans have provisions for both options.

No Dental Insurance? No Problem: Here’s How I Saved 67% on Dental Care

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Deductible? Co-insurance? Network? Insurance has its fair share of lingo. Use this infographic to help navigate!

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How To Get Your Sales Leads To Convert Quickly #infographic

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