dental implants- the modern way to replace missing teeth

If you're missing any teeth, consider dental implants as a long-lasting solution. Read the benefits of implants in the photo below and call to schedule a consult with our oral surgeon, Dr.

Dental implants patients must have sufficient jaw bone to support each implant. When going on a dental vacation to Mexico, Asia or elsewhere - be sure to use a Board Certified Dentist for the best results. Visit Certified Dentists Internationale for Free

Dental implants are a good option for patients who can’t wear removable dentures. Patients must have sufficient jaw bone to support each implant, though. Check out this Tempe dental procedures infographic to find more facts about dental implants.

Whether you need one tooth replaced, multiple teeth replaced, or every single tooth replaced, dental implant procedures can be done to ensure a beautiful smile at Advanced Dentistry South Florida.

Seeking a permanent tooth replacement? Consult the dental implant specialist in Glendale, AZ at Arrowhead Dental Clinic and you will receive the best advice and treatment ever!

Dental Implants are the best replacement for a missing tooth!  Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

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Take a look at this infographic on the history of dental implants!

MISSING A TOOTH? Ask us about dental implants! We want to give you a beautiful and complete smile. #dentalimplants

MISSING A TOOTH? Ask us about dental implants! Montensen also does same day implants so call the office for a FREE consultation today.

Implants vs. Bridges. Dental Implants and bridges are two common solutions used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are strong, long lasting artificial teeth inserted into the jawbone during oral surgery, while bridges are dental prostheses that join an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth. Check out the comparison to better understand the differences between the two treatment options.

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