Dense fog

Dense fog blankets Yosemite Valley allowing only the tallest trees to peek through. [OC] [60004000] #reddit

The Great Smog of London of 1952: Commuters pictured wearing extra layers to work to protect them from the dust and dirt on their way to work as London entered its second day of dense fog in 1952

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Fog ~ there is something so atmospheric about a foggy day. The senses are dulled, the world takes on a new & mysterious guise.....

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The rising sunrise attempts to break through the dense fog covering Mahr Park, and silhouettes the trees across the pasture.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque through a dense big wave fog, stands such as a Fairy tale stories of Sindbad snd Alaa Aldin

On the wane Hides the sun a dense fog in the morning: waning winter. R. K. Singh

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Swirling haven: Trees poke through the dense fog under a spectacular orange sunrise on the...

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