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FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER DENNIS HASTERT INDICTED ON FEDERAL CHARGES Justice Department charges Illinois Republican for evading reporting requirements, lying to FBI

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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted on federal bank charges

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Former US House speaker Dennis Hastert molested four boys, prosecutors say

Hastert scandal linked to sexual misconduct when he coached wrestling

Former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert (R) charged with paying more than $1.7 million to cover up his sexual abuse of children, during the years he worked as a high school wrestling coach. He now faces two charges, each of which could send him to prison for five years and cost him $250,000 in fines. Sexual Abuse. Molestation. Predator. Corruption.

Dennis Hastert, ex-US House speaker, sentenced to 15 months in jail

A federal judge has sentenced Dennis Hastert to 15 months in prison, calling the former House Speaker "a serial child molester".

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Disgraced former Speaker Dennis Hastert wheeled into court to be sentenced for bank fraud 'to keep his sex abuse victims quiet' | Daily Mail Online

Dennis Hastert 'accused of sexual abuse by at least FOUR boy and $1.7m payoff' | Daily Mail Online

PICTURED: Disgraced former House speaker Dennis Hastert reports to prison to serve 15 months for paying hush money to teenage boys he sexually abused in the 70s | Daily Mail Online

Dennis Hastert 'accused of sexual abuse by at least FOUR boys'

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (pictured in October) has been accused of sexual abuse by at least four boys, including one he paid $1.7million in alleged hush money to, according to a report