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Using the wrong hair brush? Find your perfect match with this guide

This guide will help you find the best brush for your hair. Whether you have curly, straight, thin or thick, there's a hair brush suggestion for you.


10 Tools That Make Natural Hair So Much Easier

10 Tools That Make Natural Hair So Much Easier #refinery29 Denman Brush"The Denman brush was one of those tools I didn't think I would need. It's pricey and resembles other detangling brushes. But then, I tried it. "I was so foolish to think it was just another brush — this thing is amazing. It quickly moved through my pre-finger-detangled hair and made for even smoother detangling. It's great for definition, ...


Using the wrong hairbrush? Find the perfect match with this guide

A good hair day stars with using the best hair brush for you. Find out whether it's a paddle, boar bristle, denman or round.

Coily Beginner's Guide: What the Heck is a Denman Brush?

A Denman brush can leave your hair with clearly defined curls, a shiny luster and no tangles!

The Top 5 Arguments that are OUT THERE About the Denman Brush You know you’ve gotten that feeling when you were first introduced to the Denman Brush. Those white bristles; the several rows of De…