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Unfortunately there is no vaccine to prevent dengue fever. However, the best way to try to prevent is to not come into mosquitos that carry the disease.


Home Remedies for Dengue Fever -Top 10 Home Remedies

Prevention is better than cure. This sentence is unconditionally suitable in case of Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever is known as break bone fever. When it comes to diseases caused by viruses which affect millions of people, dengue is one of the most dangerous viral fever. 50 to 500 million people are caught by dengue fever every year. It shows its effect in tropical and sub-tropical areas.


The very mention of the term “dengue fever” will invariably send shivers down the spine of people. Nothing surprising in that! It is a very serious viral ailment that is spread by a specific type of mosquito. In quite a few instances, the condition could even turn out to be fatal. But don’t worry! You…


8 Warning Signs of Dengue Fever

symptoms of dengue fever. Supposedly every missionary in Honduras will get it. Good info to be prepared.

Dengue fever can be diagnosed through blood testing to see if the antibodies or viruses are within the blood.


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Dengue Fever Pops Up In Florida

Dengue fever was commonplace in Florida until the Air conditioning, window screens and better mosquito control helped break the dengue cycle. Now the mosquito-borne illness is back.