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“Destruction of Leviathan” an 1865 engraving by Gustave Doré for Paradise Lost Leviathan is a mythical sea creature that appears in the Bible, emblematic of awesome strength. It’s described as the meanest and the biggest creature in the sea and a humbler of the Proud. Leviathan as a dragon who lives over the Sources of the Deep and who will be served up to the righteous at the end of time.

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Famous relief from the Old Babylonian period (now in the British museum) called the “Burney relief” or “Queen of the Night relief”. The depicted figure could be an aspect of the goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love and war. However, her bird-feet and accompanying owls have suggested to some a connection with Lilitu (called Lilith in the Bible), though seemingly not the usual demonic Lilitu. 19th C. BC - 18th C. BC

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Ubuntu: a South African theory of 'humanity towards others', often used in a more philosophical sense as 'the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity'. READ:

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Naoto Shirogane - Megami Tensei Wiki: a Demonic Compendium of your... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring persona

Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Yule season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus kidnaps naughty children in his sack and takes them back to his lair.

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Ereshkigal- Babylonian/Sumerian queen of the underworld. When Ishtar/Innana descended into the underworld to rescue her lover, Ereshkigal required her to leave a garment at each of the seven gates.

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Dashing but Doomed: the Duke of Monmouth | The Seventeenth Century Lady

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