REMEMBER 2010? The media never helps republicans or do they? Only when it benefits the democrats -- Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska LOST HER SENATE SEAT in the republican primaries but somehow kept her seat with write-in votes. Alaska "Journalists" Plot Joe Miller Hit Piece. Miller had to wear a bullet proof vest the night he won.

Shows the character of Mr Trump when even the dark side would be "whoa dude. enough."

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'Get ready for the whiplash,' says Paul Street, predicting that anti-Trump Republicans will assist HRC to push the Democratic Party even further right, once Sanders’ supporters are pacified. The Democratic Party is about to shift from one that allows a 'democratic socialist' to go however far left in the primaries, to becoming the truly explicit party of the ruling class in the US. • Predicted in May 2016 on Black Agenda Report

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International Hair Trends, Bangs, Bob Haircuts | The tops haircuts coming out of 5 international cities. #refinery29

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She is a Republican Light Corporate Owned Elitest .... Not what we need.... We Need #Bernie ....#Vote for Bernie in the Democratic Primary 2016

2ndEarth News (ep.1): Bernie Sanders and the California democratic primaries 2016 - YouTube - Felipe Osorio - 8:26

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It’s another primary day. For Democrats, it’s another opportunity for Senator…

When is the New Hampshire primary 2016 and the calendar of Republican and Democratic primaries |

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