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Democratic Party Beliefs

Loudest ≠ most.This is true of ANY groups, not just religions. What media coverage chooses to focus on helps skew perceptions even more.


"True gender equality is actually perceived as inequality. A group that is made up of 50% women is perceived as being mostly women. A situation that is perfectly equal between men and women is perceived as being biased in favor of women. And if you don’t believe me, you’ve never been a married woman who kept her family name. I have had students hold that up as proof of my “sexism.” My own brother told me that he could never marry a woman who kept her name because “everyone would know who ...


[From Katherine Roberts, "US Election 2016"; left comments, 30/11/16]

from The Huffington Post

Donald Trump Is the Epitome of Everything the World Detests -- and Admires -- About America

I read an article about what people in different parts of the world think about what they are seeing going on with the republican party in America. They think we've all gone mad. People from around the world are laughing at us...we've become a bad joke.

from Jezebel

This Is the Week the US Government Told Poor Women to Fuck Off

Pro-birth, not pro-life. Forcing women to give birth, then demonising them when they need support....

from BuzzFeed

24 Women Who Aren't Going To Let Trump Spoil Everything

This overlooked fact. | 24 Women Who Aren't Going To Let Trump Spoil Everything