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Call to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act! This week the House introduced a continuing resolution that contains the same Monsanto Protection Act that it passed last spring!

Seems there's poison in Cheerios. And Oreos. And lots of other popular foods.


seriously, when they say we are now a democracy cause women can vote, and I'm like, dude, we'll be a democracy when number of women presidents is close to number of male presidents, no sooner than that.


DEMOCRACY NOW! es un programa galardonado, independiente y de difusión diaria nacional en Estados Unidos y el resto del mundo que se transmite a través de más de 900 emisoras de radio y televisión en todo el mundo.

from The Huffington Post

WATCH: Sheldon Adelson's Daughter Attacks 'Democracy Now' Crew

Sheldon Adelson's daughter physically attacks Democracy Now producer at RNC convention. Mmmm. Just today I read a fb thread where a commentator (Republican) said the Dems always behaved like an angry mob. I haven't heard any news of Dem mobs at the convention, but this 'lady' sure behaved in a very mob-like way!