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The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

Vanity Fair, August 1991: Demi Moore, Pregnant and Nude This cover was shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and was decried as shameful and disgusting when it was released. Some stores sent back the issue, or only sold it with a brown paper covering the “offensive” image. It has spawned countless celebrity nude pregnancy shots done in the same fashion, and helped to launch Demi Moore’s career into the stratosphere.


Annie Leibovitz keeps photo rights in debt deal

Annie Leibovitz with her famous portrait of a pregnant Demi Moore. Photograph: KPA/Zuma/Rex Features


How Annie got shot

Annie Leibovitz. Portrait photographer. best known to glossy “celebrity” portraits. The unpredictability that characterizes photojournalism is a thread that runs through all of Leibovitz’ work, even those staged portraits.

Ever since a heavily pregnant Demi Moore posed on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine in all her big bump glory, women have been searching for new ways to celebrate their pregnancy.