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Dementia - Here’s how to help someone feel in control of their life and valued as a person with a history.

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Stages of Dementia. Poor judgment, memory deficit, irritability, apathy, indifference, pacing, restlessness, and agitation may signal a patient has developed dementia.

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7 Stages of Alzheimers Disease Infographic

Researchers have shown that clearance of the substance amyloid-beta that forms plaques is impaired in individuals with Alzheimer’s. A group of 12 individuals with early Alzheimer’s were compared to 12 cognitively normal individuals of the

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Caregivers .... follow these rules. #caregiver #caregiving #alzheimers CurcuminPro - the highest know curcumin bioavailability on the market today. 15000 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin. Discount code for 10% discount NOPAIN. Enter NOPAIN for discount on the highest known bioavailable curcumin.

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Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

Sensory stimulation is the activation of one or more of the senses such as taste, smell, vison, hearing, and touch. Sensory stimulation is a key component for improving the quality of life of residents living with dementia or Alzheimer's.

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Speechy Musings: A how-to post on how to make a memory and orientation post! Includes a printable you can purchase to easily make your own!

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This is one of my favourite #infographics The 8 types of #dementia you rarely hear about

8 Forms of Dementia You Might Not Know About [Infographic

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Doll Therapy and Dementia

Doll Therapy can provide satisfaction and comfort to people with dementia or Alzheimers. It provides them with the opportunity to nurture and satisfy an emotional need that wouldn’t be fulfilled otherwise.

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