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¿Cómo trabaja la memoria? How Memory Works?

Infographic: How Memory Works

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Understanding the differences between the different kinds of #aphasia[s]! #SLPeeps #SLTchat

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Ideas for various squishy balloons. If E could take a walk outside with an adult and fidget with one of these, would it be enough to help him reset? Also, how about a matching activity where he would guess what is inside?

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well he is 900 years old. must have some sort of dementia.<<<I believe he was referencing the Eighth Doctor newly regenerated, he had amnesia and didn't know who he was

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150 items to Include in a Discovery Basket. A Discovery Basket or Treasure Basket is a basket that you fill with ordinary non-hazardous items for your child to explore. The theory behind it is that children are naturally inclined to explore and investigate to develop their own understanding and knowledge. Through exploring safe items that stimulate the senses, children are storing and retaining information about texture, taste, sound, appearance and scent.

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Making Memory Books for People with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

Photo memory books are easy to make and bring back many memories for parents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. They are a useful tool to bring children and their grandparents together to share cherished memories.

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Understanding Working Memory - the process, definition, fun facts, strategies, activities and more.

Working Memory Definition, Facts, Symptoms and Strategies Infographic

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

thehappyheathen: Thanks to D*S for using my photo and thanks to @Dementia . for sharing the original idea she found! Pay it Forward.

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