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When Narcissists Claim to be Victims of Narcissists – Who is the Narcissist? a lie. Only the true narcissist hates the truth. No normal, rational person can ignore the truth. Listen to the way people frame conversations and you'll figure it out. It may take awhile to put the pieces together, but never doubt your gut. There are some women will do this too, guys! Their act is usually the damsel in distress, battered woman act.Avoid! Period.

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Knowing Ignorance Quotes Most People Are Drowning In Their Delusional Ignorance - Entertainment world

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Yup! It's surely a special breed of people. Delusional perhaps?

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Self righteous people who point fingers and put you down for the very exact things they themselves do

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Entitlement is a delusion built on self-centeredness and laziness. #makeideashappen

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I have said this so many times. Sometimes I think of all the horrible choices she made against us and I say "wow" to them all.

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Delusional people will start shit, cry when they get their feelings hurt, and act like pussies. Grow a backbone delusional whore.

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Self-Righteous People | waste not your words on a self righteous moron they wont hear them ...

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For the delusional ones ;) -- Your Problem Is Not Knowing You're The Problem

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An obsessive delusional nutcase. If someone wants to be with you they will. They wouldn't be able to walk away without a second thought if you had what you think you did. There first reaction wouldn't be to tell you how much they hate you as soon as your leverage was gone. They wouldn't have hateful awful things to say about you. Maybe they would be indifferent or avoid talking about you. But not be filled with hate.They won't avoid you. Ignore you. They would see you daily when you live a…

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Good Night Everyone ~ have a peaceful rest. Don't let fools and ignorant people who can't accept NO as an answer get to you. Personally I am moving on when the new year begins. Wrapping stuff up this week...whatever will be will be..but seriously, some people, are delusional and obsessed...truly time to let go and get on with life!!! #wordpress #instagood #instadaily #instaquote #me #key #turningofthetide 🌊🌊🌊

Keep your mouth shut in other people's circumstances and don't accuse. Only an idiot gets themselves involved in other people's issues. Don't make accusations when you don't witness. Just because someone tells you something, doesn't make it true.....

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So true! Don't ever try and destroy someone's life just because you have no happiness in life. People will hurt you...but by no means is it your right to keep the chain going because remember you have done your fair share of hurts. Move on...and leave us alone!!!

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He's a fucking liar. The sad thing is that he lies so much and he is so bat shit crazy that he even starts to believe it.

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