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Cheap and easy DIY toys for small pets. Just use the toilet paper and paper towel rolls you're already throwing out to make affordable toys for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and other small pets.

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I need this!!! To those who think so, it's not spoiled, it's natural but predator-free. Perfect mouse/gerbil/hamster home. The moss looks wonderful. Big nice hamster home.

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this is one of the many reasons Degus are amazing animals. Not only do they sing like a bubbling bird when they're happy, but they laze around like humans

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Toy made from a toilet paper roll. Totally use this all the time, and it is amazingly versatile!

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A cozy pile of degus! These animals are very susceptible to diabetes and breed fast. Very fast... So often when we take degus in, we take in a lot of them at once. Photo: Petra Sonius

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8 Ways To Keep Your Degu Happy!

If you're worried about your degu getting bored in his cage, we've found 9 simple ways to help you keep your degu enriched! Come on in!

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