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A full page from the first Nazi degenerate art log book. The Victoria and Albert Museum published a remarkable document online today: the Nazis’ inventory of “degenerate art” (entartete Kunst). The V&A owns the only known complete copy of the inventory, which was made around 1942 and catalogues more than 16,000 artworks in two books and 482 pages.


And there I stood. Feeling like if he had given me a bundle of roses, it was only to peel through the petals and stab my back with the thorn.

from BBC News

Degenerate art: Why Hitler hated modernism

Female Dancer by Marg Moll was in the Degenerate Art Exhibition


On July 19, 1937, the “Degenerate Art” exhibition opened in the Hofgarten arcades of Munich’s Residenz. It included 650 works of art confiscated from 32 German museums. For the National Socialists, the term “degenerate” applied to any type of art that was incompatible with their ideology or propaganda. Whole movements were labeled as such, including Expressionism, Impressionism, Dada, New Objectivity, Surrealism, Cubism, and Fauvism, among others.