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Going glam-ma: Makeup tutorial for senior citizens goes viral

Video of Tutorial for glowing youthful skin for women over 50


A different type of transformation! Haha my back/bra area is the one I am most self-conscious about (along with my thighs/hips) and I even changed my Halloween costume last year because I was so appalled at my back fat. The photo on the left was taken during my first week of pre training and the one on the right today! I still have some fluff to lose before my competition so that my muscles pop a bit more-but I'm definitely happy with how far I've come. disclaimer: tans fade About to hit…


Looking for some inspiration love and happiness.. here you go!! An amazing friend of mine @kristy_leeshort has been through an incredible transformation and Im so excited to share her journey with you all. Kristy really is the definition of persistence courage & putting all the shit to the side to chase your goals. I am inspired by her every day <3 Her story.. "With 4 kids and 2 traditional businesses I was stressed exhausted and overweight. All of which I thought was pretty normal at the…

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Learn the Workout That Got Khloé Kardashian Her 'Revenge Body'

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from Sarah Forgrave

Motivation Month: Health Quotes and Inspiration, Week 1


PREVIOUS EPISODE: PO BOX: April Y. 40485 Murrieta Hot Springs STE B4 PMB 365 Murrieta, CA 92563 My sewing machines: Serger - Juk...


#PSA I wanted to say I have one the most amazing tribes ever. As some you might have noticed I have decide to take my fitness and wellness journey to the next level. To respect those that are here for usual quirkiness and my Nutrition Soul Life...I have started a new IG account @DreamDoerDynasty that will be focused on everything fitness in my life. You may follow that journey there. Don't do get it twisted you are going to still get some of my journey here because I do want to continue to…

Here's a last minute #transformationtuesday and it's a bit of a cringeworthy throw back for me. I put on a lot of weight when I went to university (I used to weigh about 8 stone 9lbs at school 9 stone during my year working and saving and then I quickly went up to just under 11 stone by my second year) - eating all my normal meals plus alcohol and regular 12 inch pizzas to myself super noodles whenever I felt like it and absolutely no exercise. I've felt really self conscious for around 6/7…