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Definition Of Somber

barefoot style, blazer, blue jeans, cold weather, elegance, footwear, girl, jacket, loafers, look women, no socks, preppy, shoe, smart casual, sockless feet, suit, white shirt, winter, without socks, без носков, блейзер, босиком, джинсы, зима, костюм, на босу ногу, на голую ногу, пиджак, преппи, туфли

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I can’t see!

Haha! This definitely lightened my somber studying mood :) Thank goodness for pinterest study breaks!

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32 Patriotic Names

Check! I saw it back in like 8th grade...I wanna see it now that they've cleaned it all up at last...especially since I'm in the military now

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Subfuscous... slightly dark, dusty or somber

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Suit, wool, silk, 1755-65, British. The British aesthetic during the 18th century tended to veer away from the ostentatious French styles being worn at the same time. This particular British suit is exemplary of popular dress in England during the middle of the 18th century with its somber wool, minimal decoration and plain buttons.

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A somber mix of Chalk Paint neutrals, with just a hint of Paloma, are layered to form a well worn patina. a If dark and moody is your thing check out these posts you may have missed: Something B...

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This is the type of set I would love to have for everyday use, but would unfortunately get destroyed.

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Love this gorgeous hat! Am definitely using it as inspiration for a new design. From The Met Museum, Bergdorf Goodman, 1944.

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