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Issue SANS for FEST 2013 <3 Magazine with lots of DIY ideas, inspiration, food, gardening & interior! HURRA!!!! Norwegian National Day. National costume. Red, white and blue. 17. may - 17. mai. Childrens Day. Melon, icecream, strawberry and licorice. Games in the garden. Ja, vi elsker.... Facebook: Instagram: #bladetsans Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen More


Refugees and Migrants Fleeing War & Persecution are People Too! Too much of the media presents these people as grasping vermin rather than human families desperate for a safe place to live, work and raise their families. It is our moral duty as fellow humans lucky enough to live in a safe and plentiful part of the world to reach out in friendship and support of these people. | #MigrantCrisis #Refugees #Morality #Duty #Racism


If you're on a tight budget and making your own cake, make the most of the latest trend for naked cakes – they're pretty much foolproof. Opt for simple sponge and top with seasonal fruit, flowers or lavender for a gorgeous homemade look.


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I don't trust either of them but trumps definitely the better choice and has actually done some good rather then announcing war with Russia, I wonder how long he will live tho, now he's reopening the case of 9/11, before he has an "accident" or "commits suicide"...

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Kids Fireworks Craft Using a Dish Brush


Identity politics is definitely increasing racial barriers and creating a belief that racism is endemic. If there's talk about race it should be about facts and not feelings or the chimeras of Cultural Marxism.