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Photo (Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie)

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10 best Fourth of July firework displays #Travel #4thofJuly - Definitely need to spend a Fourth of July in America!

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Helping is doing something for someone that he is not capable of doing himself. Enabling is doing for someone things that he could and should be doing himself. #enabling #quotes

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Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft for Kids

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I only agree because I have had no choice over the years... It has never been safe to lean into anyone. Those I love deeply either die, get sick of me or move away. This kind of independence- although useful to survival, is lonely and def NOT ideal for the heart.

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The Expanding Definition Of Independence In The Freelance Economy

The Expanding Definition Of Independence In The Freelance Economy | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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Abstract 9530 Comforters

Abstract Series by Rafael Salazar <br/> Artist from Colombia <br/> Copyright 2015 - All rights reserved by the Author. <br/> <br/> Abstract art by definition uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. <br/> <br/> COPYRIGHT NOTICE: ALL my art pieces on this website are protected by the U.S. and international cop...

#Aquarius paradox: half of the mind seeks a traditional love relationship, yet the other half desires endless freedom and independence.

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