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Definition Of Emphasize

SEPHORA COLLECTION The Graceful Eyeshadow Palette

This selection of 16 matte and shimmer eye shadows adds color and definition to emphasize and enhance the eyes.


Helping is doing something for someone that he is not capable of doing himself. Enabling is doing for someone things that he could and should be doing himself. #enabling #quotes


Natural Australian Wool Comforter

Juxtaposed: To place two or more things together, especially in order to suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them. My definition: The easiest way to show comarison or contrast, by putting to two or more together so you can see t


Millions of people can believe in you, and yet none of it matters if you don't believe in yourself.

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This image creates a more busy looking character. However, i like the colour's used and i am inspired by the detailing of the hat which helps create the mad hatter character. This image also inspired me to use white liner in the eye water line to emphasize the eyes, making them look a little bigger.


Contemplating Furniture Layouts for Our Family Room

Vertical Line: It appears taller and it looks meaningful Definition: Outlines form, gives a sense of direction, creates feelings


Graphic Eyes

MAKEUP- I liked this fashion makeup because it is very simple but could definitely tie in easily with a specific wardrobe/collection. I like how the emphasis is at the outer and inner corners, leaving the middle bare.


Never Admit Guilt

Original poster says, "I emphasize the blame-shifting all the time when I speak with individuals frustrated at their Narcissist's inability to simply admit wrongdoing. It's important to understand that a Narcissist will NEVER simply own up to any bad behavior or wrongdoing on their part willingly and anything you take issue with will ALWAYS somehow be the fault of another. A Narcissist will even blame something they said or did RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU on someone else.