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Based in Ipswich Lucky 5 is part of the studio Cassidy Rayne Creative

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this illustration is beautiful! and could be redone through the concept of using a females facial/ portrait area and have her lips coloured red to symbolise love-passion/kissing, use half the face of an animal which represents love, use the rose within her hair to represent love etc... as a concept for the cover of my romance novel- just a concept which could work or could not work.

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Campbell's Soup I, 1968

i have chosen Andy Warhol because i like how he uses simple compositions to make a large impression, i.e the single soup can, he uses bright colours and very little tone to make a large statement with one single picture. i also like his simplicity as it is very different to the other artists and pictures as this makes it all the more eyecatching

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How I Learned to Write Every Day (and yes, you can, too!)

How I Learned to Write Everyday (and yes, you can, too!) | She's Novel #writing

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Best of Black and White Street Photography on 500px

"Got to walk out of here; I can't take anymore. Going to stand on that bridge; Keep my eyes down below; Whatever may come and whatever may go, that river's flowing. That river's flowing......" " Don't Give Up'- Peter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush

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Anglo-Saxon glass beads from Eriswell From Bede to bead: The composition and origins of Early Anglo-Saxon glass beads in Britain With James...

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